Why remote workers flock to Las Palmas in September

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Nomad City 2017: premier event for location independent professionals

Imagine a booming city with arguably Europe’s best urban beach. Imagine hundreds of digital nomads getting together to brainstorm, to network, to surf, hike, and generally have fun. This is what Nomad City is like, and you are invited. So follow the warm weather and book your budget flight to Gran Canaria!

What is Nomad City?

Nomad City is a celebration of the freedom and power that online work brings. It unites adventurous entrepreneurs and remote workers from all over the world in events that span over a week. It’s also a great excuse to check out that sizzling digital nomad hot spot: the Canary Islands and, in particular, Gran Canaria, with its forests, winding mountain roads, stunning beaches, coworking spaces, and tapas nights.


Photocredits : Shelygraphy and Denisa


The inaugural edition of Nomad City took place in 2016 when over 150 digital nomads were in the island’s capital Las Palmas for the NomadCruise. This was a great opportunity to connect the growing community of remote workers in the city with the digital nomads that are roaming the planet. Through lifestyle activities, inspirational talks, and networking events, new friendships and profitable partnerships.


Nomad City Las Palmas: the 2017 edition

In the 2017 edition, we shift the focus from solopreneurship to remote companies and workers. We will learn from successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders how to optimize and efficiently manage a remote company.

We’re creating a fantastic agenda of lifestyle activities and networking opportunities. If you’re a location independent worker who is passionate about travel, about personal growth, and business success – you will want to be in town for this one!


Photocredits : Shelygraphy and Denisa


We’re working hard to make this an unforgettable experience for all involved. We’re talking with sponsors, presenters, venues, excursion companies, and many more. That’s why our agenda is still a tentative one, although we expect to be filling in the details soon.


  • September 18–21: Lifestyle activities and partner events
    Surrounded by the cool Atlantic Ocean and blessed with a varied landscape, Gran Canaria is a heaven for outdoor sports and activities. We’ll present you with lots of opportunities to explore the island and the ocean.
  • September 22: Workshops
    During our workshops, you have the chance to learn more about software and solutions for remote workers/companies. Engage with the entrepreneurs and programmers behind some of the smartest software packages out there.
  • September 23: Nomad conference
    We are currently inviting key people in the remote work movement. In their presentations they will reveal trends, solutions, and hacks to optimize location independent businesses like yours.
  • September 24: Farewell party
    Tomorrow the nomad cruisers will embark on their transatlantic adventure, while the Las Palmas residents (expats and locals) stay in their own piece of paradise. Time to say goodbye, but not without healthy amounts of fun!


Join the cruise

The NomadCruise has become one of the biggest events on the digital nomad calendar. In a market as impulsive and mobile as the nomad subculture, it is hard to get people to commit to certain space and time. NomadCruise is the one exception, its cabins booked solid months prior to departure.


You’re wondering why? It’s because this is a skill-sharing journey, in which passengers learn and teach. Being together for two weeks in the middle of the Atlantic is a unique experience that allows nomads to really get to know each other, to brainstorm – all in a predominantly offline environment. Because let’s face it: satellite internet is both expensive and excruciatingly slow. That’s why many nomads look forward to this ‘digital detox’.

How to travel to Las Palmas

Las Palmas can easily be reached from anywhere in Europe. It’s about a 1.5-hour flight from Lisbon and a 5-hour flight from Berlin. The following budget companies fly to Gran Canaria (airport code: LPA).

  • Jet2
  • TUIfly
  • Condor
  • Easyjet
  • Ryanair
  • Wizzair
  • Norwegian

Use a flight search engine like Skyscanner to find the best connection. Once at the Gran Canaria airport, it’s a 20-minute bus ride into the city center.

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