The marvels of Maspalomas

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The marvels of Maspalomas

Gran Canaria earned its rightful title of being one of Canary Islands beach resort paradise, thanks to its famous beaches, Playa del Ingles and Playa de Maspalomas. Constituting the southernmost part of Gran Canaria, the holiday resort of Maspalomas in Las Palmas boasts of its golden beaches and wonderful sand dunes. Since the 1960s, the coastal area where the Maspalomas Lighthouse is erected has constantly undergoing development and expansion, therefore making the beaches of Maspalomas one of the best place to stay in Gran Canaria and best beach resorts on the island.

Playa de Maspalomas is a beach that will make you feel like strolling around the streets of Palm Springs in California or Palm Beach in Florida. This can be attributed to the International Ideas Contest held in 1961, when members of International Union of Architects pitched in their visions of Maspalomas. The contest even served as a model for developing other touristic places not only in Gran Canaria, but in the other Canary Islands.

Getting to Maspalomas is easy, just hop on the Global Bus line 30. Every 20 minutes it leaves from Santa Catalina or San Telmo Bus Station in Las Palmas, and stops at the Faro de Maspalomas. During weekends and holidays Global Roundtrip Card holder benefits from different bonuses depending on the route, with a direct discount of up to 50% of the cost of the direct payment journey. The travel takes around 40 minutes, and Yumbo Centrum is one of its many stops. Tourists From the lighthouse just follow the many signage that will lead you to the beach. If you opt to hail a taxi or car hire, take the GC-1 route. However, be reminded that parking spaces that are walking distance from the beach are limited and has a fee. These parking spaces are only 5 minutes away from the beach. If you don’t want to pay, you may park freely on the road near Meloneras Congress Centre, but you have to walk 10 minutes longer to reach the beach.

Once in Playa de Maspalomas you can choose from a wide range of accommodation. You may check in at any high rising hotels, or stay at the plentiful bungalows of villas, apartments, or old-fashioned buildings, which is part of the original urban resort concept. A stay in Maspalomas just proves to be perfect not only for groups like families, but also for people on the budget like working nomads.


After a hard day’s work, bring your coworkers and have a stroll along the promenade, or head over the sands and look for Kiosko Beach Number 7. Order your first cocktail from the many elegant bars and beach clubs here. It is entirely safe to drink at any time of the day, may you be young, old, straight, or even gay –Maspalomas nightlife is LGBTQ+ friendly, evidently seen from its rainbow flag by the beach screaming for gay pride. The people here even hold pride events to celebrate the open, tolerant and vivid atmosphere of the gay community. If you happen to be working during the first two weeks of May or November around Las Palmas or Gran Canaria in general, then plan a trip at night to Maspalomas. The whole town and beach celebrates LGBTQ+ pride through various shows and concerts.

Other things to do in Maspalomasarebathing into the waters, which is a relaxing and refreshing activity. As you move to the western portion or as Beach Number 8, the bay transforms into a nudist beach where you can bare it all and show as much skin as you wish. If on the contrary you have children or are more of a conservative type, just stay on the eastern side.

Go further south-west, and you will find the Maspalomas Lighthouse or El Faro de Maspalomas. Seeing the lighthouse signals that Playa del Ingles is just a few steps away. The historic 19th century lighthouse is 60 meters high, and is even older than any of the other buildings around the resort.

If you feel like being suffocated from the beach crowd, the Maspalomas Dunes is just a sight away from the waters. One minute you are just soaking in the waters or walking along the palm-lined beach walk, the next, you find yourself amazed by the impressive desert landscape of Maspalomas, with the warm winds blowing on your face. You can traverse this mini desert by foot or by riding a camel. The dunes were declared as a natural reserve in 1987, so that more of the future generations can marvel it. There is even a lagoon to the west, Lake La Charca, where you can sit by the banks and watch the birds flocking and nestling in nature.

Maspalomas Gran Canaria, a Diamond in the Desert

The construction of the lighthouse, the continued expansion and development of the beach resorts, followed by the efforts to preserve its nature made Maspalomas the best tourist destination of Gran Canaria. From the golden sand of the beaches, the shimmering sand of the dunes, to inviting climate all year round, bathe in the blue waters, take a stroll by the beach, or roll over the sand dunes of Maspalomas.

When looking for a holiday beach resort, don’t just settle for any Canary Islands. Don’t just settle for any Gran Canaria beaches. Choose only the finest, always choose Maspalomas first.

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