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Meet Max Keeling

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Las Palmas is one of Europe’s digital nomad hubs, and CoworkingC is arguably the city’s most popular coworking space for traveling entrepreneurs. This means that some interesting characters pass through our office. One of them was Max Keeling, who was working hard on a lifestyle business that might someday turn over seven figures. Let’s see what makes Max tick… Read More

Meet Nomad Family

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Brenda and Gawin are not your typical single, twenty-something digital nomads. They said goodbye to the rat race in the Netherlands and travel the world with their 2-year-old daughter, inspiring other nomad families to follow in their footsteps.

In this interview, Gawin and Brenda tell us what makes traveling with a toddler different (and sometimes challenging), what they do for a living, how much they enjoy their time on Gran Canaria, and what their life philosophy is. Read More

Interview Niall Doherty in Coworking C

Interview with Niall Doherty

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I remember meeting Niall Doherty in digital nomad hotspot Chiang Mai, back in 2013. We were a bunch of nomads standing around in a bar, when one of us asked what Niall did for a living.

“I work on a cruise ship,” he said. “As a stripper.”

Whether he did a little dance to reinforce this statement, I don’t remember. But his answer to the inevitable what-do-you-do-question at that nomad meetup definitely brought some color to the procession of coders, travel bloggers, SEO specialists

Four years later we cross paths in the Canary Islands, in what is quickly becoming the European digital nomad hub: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.   Read More



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David Macías is a successful entrepreneur who runs an online business based in the Canary Islands. VideoLean – a great online platform that helps you build your own professional videos – currently has more than 240k users around the world. This guest post was originally written in Spanish (“Malditos Nómadas”). At CoworkingC , we feel completely identified , with David´s Love&Hate relationship with Digital Nomads and this is why we share the english version of his original post. When you meet really interesting people that make a positive change in your life, you feel like you want to retain them. This is the kind of feeling that David had when Tim left, after spending 2 years in Gran Canaria of what should had been a 2 week visit. Enjoy the reading.

Read More

Is Las Palmas the Chiang Mai of Europe?

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Is Las Palmas the Chiang Mai of Europe?

If you’re a digital nomad or interested in this lifestyle, chances are you’ve visited Chiang Mai, or at least considered it. The off-the-beaten-track mountain town in Northern Thailand has become the global hub for Digital Nomads over the last few years. Nomads love Chiang Mai for its affordability, year-long warm weather, and fast wifi. For the same reasons, Las Palmas is currently making a name for itself as a Nomad City. Read More