The Productivity Chat- Vidar Vaggen

By 6 septiembre, 2019Blog

Vidar quickly became a pillar of the CWC community, staying with us for a few months in 2019. Here is a little bit about himself and his snorkelling tips for productivity.

I work as an editor and a motion graphic guy (2D and 3D), for a TV-production company named Monster in Norway. I had been working 13 years for the same company, and loved my job, but needed a change of scenery, so I asked my boss if I could take the computer with me and work in Gran Canaria. Thankfully, she was totally cool about that.


What does productivity mean to you?

When I know what I’m doing, I can clearly see the end goal, and time is the only limit.

Do you feel like you are the most productive you could be? How do you approach productivity for yourself?

I’m certainly not ALWAYS as productive as I can be. For me, it’s a matter of understanding what a project is really about, and what the client really wants, and sometimes even finding some extra gold in the project the client wasn’t even aware of. For instance, if an interview subject for a documentary speaks about something outside the script, and it’s even more interesting. I always need to be personally engaged in the project. My biggest fear is if I someday stop caring.

What is the most common barrier to staying productive for you?

If I’m working with motion graphics, there are never barriers because I love it so much. But if I’m editing, I need to work on something that I would like to see on TV myself. If I don’t, I tend to drift and procrastinate a lot, until I finally find an angle, or a story hidden in the material in the project that reignites my engine.

Can you share with us your productivity tips or rituals you might have?

If you’re stuck in a rut, and can’t make anything happen – take a break, or take the day off. Do something nice for yourself. See something different than your screen. Take a walk and get some view and scope. Go to the beach and refresh yourself in the ocean. Snorkel, relax, and try to touch the weird and colourful fish. They won’t let you, but it’s fun, and suddenly a solution to your problems might pop into your head.

Who is your productivity idol if you had to pick one?

Maybe Xabi, because he’s always early at work and seems really disciplined. Other than that, I have to choose my hero and mentor Andrew Kramer from from whom I have learned everything I know about After Effects, online – for free! He even makes effects for Star Wars!

What never fails to get you out of a work slump?

I’m afraid I haven’t found that yet.


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