Taking Your Digital Nomad Lifestyle to New Heights

By 17 enero, 2020Blog

Tips and tricks on making the best out of your digital nomad life, fostering deeper connections, and building better businesses.

Living in the digital age has transformed society in many ways. According to Internet World Stats, there are over 4.5 billion internet users worldwide as of June 2019. With new technology and increased access all over the globe, staying connected is easier than ever. It’s also changed the way we approach work. The rise of global internet connectivity has also seen the rise of digital nomads — what Animalz Content Marketing Manager Clifford Chi describes as remote workers who rely on devices with wireless internet capabilities to do work outside of the typical office setting. If you’re a digital nomad who wants to take your career to the next level, then here are tips for doing just that.

Nurturing Your Whys

Writer and digital nomad Kristin Wilson lists the common stumbling blocks for people living the lifestyle, including lack of funds, inflexibility, loneliness, and lack of clarity. In order to avoid falling into these traps, you need to nurture your whys. Why did you choose this lifestyle? What do you hope to achieve? When do you want to achieve it? By staying true to yourself and being clear about your reasons, plans, and goals, you can avoid the aimlessness that traps so many nomads.

Having the Right Mindset

Being a digital nomad means that you won’t have the same career trajectory and security that your peers or former colleagues do. More than ever, you’ll have to think on your feet and be constantly on the lookout for new projects. Thus, keeping an optimistic mindset is key to success as a digital nomad. Digital Nomad Explorer recommends that you maintain your level of self-motivation, as it provides fuel for the drive to success. Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by failure, and instead strive to go bigger and better the next time.

Treating it as Your Own Business

Being a digital nomad means you are your own boss, so treating yourself as the sole proprietor of your own business wouldn’t be too far off the mark. While there are many ways for you to ensure that your business is successful, hitting the right mix can be pretty difficult. Daydreaming in Paradise contributor James Gonzales shares the concept of self-awareness and how it is the main driving force en route to success. As a digital nomad, you are fully invested in the business of you, and cultivating self-awareness will help you be aware of your weaknesses and stay in control.

Connecting with People

Being a digital nomad means that you’re on your own most of the time, but just because you don’t have officemates doesn’t mean you don’t have collaborators. Striving to meet new people and create new networks is beneficial not only because it helps you fight off the loneliness of being your own boss, but also because it can open opportunities for collaboration and new projects. The Outside Blog lists five steps to becoming a digital nomad through networking, including joining global and regional nomad networks, and meeting other digital nomads offline.

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Written by Joana Burgess