The Best Healthy Eating Spots in Las Palmas

By 19 agosto, 2019Blog

A handpicked healthy eating guide through our city, including smoothie bowls, vegan burgers, and more.

Eating out can be as much of a joy as a challenge for some. On the one side, you get more diversity of cuisines on your daily plate, and you spend less time preparing, cooking, and cleaning up for your meals, but on the other, the calling for satisfying, saucy, fatty and salty comfort food is just too good to be left unanswered when not cooking for yourself. Oftentimes, when eating out, we reach for the option we would rarely eat at home. No one wants a salad when they can have a plate of cheesy French fries, double fried and spiced to perfection. Eating healthy is still more of a hassle, both at home, and out. From paying more for fresh ingredients, to picking the right restaurants, staying on a health track can be very energy consuming. So we put together a list of places to get you sorted while you are in Las Palmas.



One of our favourites in town, which we also included in our previous The Best Siesta Spots guide, is the place to go for meatless alternatives. As the vegan institution in the beach area of Las Palmas, Bioloco attracts far more than only the vegans. Their vegan burgers, sandwiches, salads, or desserts are worth a try, especially if you are very hungry. You will definitely get a lot of tasty and healthy food for your buck.


Llévame al huerto

Llévame is the kind of place that reminds one of a small village café, and yet it is in one of the busiest areas of Las Palmas. With rustic décor, and wonderfully though out dishes, the restaurant is the best known healthy food destination in the area. Expect quinoa, veggies, innovative soup variations, and just a whole lot of heart coming from the Llévame mastermind and owner who you might be lucky enough to meet when you eat there.


Amelie Green

If you are craving smoothie bowls or avocado toasts, Amelie Green is the spot for you. The beautiful airy interior invites you for a late brunch, coffee break, lunch, or dinner. The menu is wonderfully exciting, and you will find only the best ingredients in all of the dishes.  The owner Amelie makes sure to source her produce wisely, and she even makes her own bread on site, which you can try in the toast options.


Smoothie Galaxy

A true local establishment, Smoothie Galaxy is a little place just off the surfer’s beach, making it a perfect quickie for all surfers, body-boarders, or beach-goers. Their smoothie selection is large, and their smoothies are even larger, so come to get your belly full with some fresh fruit goodness. The low prices, combined with the nonchalant atmosphere turned Smoothie Galaxy into a local staple, and now you know about it too.


Spar Natural

The last option from our list is a health food store. It does have a small adjacent café with vegan ice ream, sandwiches, or crepes, but the Spar Natural is most perfect for that quick in and out lunch break grocery run where you stock up on some almond butter, raw energy bars, or kombucha. Be prepared to spend a whole lot of time here if you have a thing for healthy groceries.