Four Reasons to Be a Digitial Nomad in the Canary Islands

By 20 abril, 2016junio 3rd, 2016Blog

With technological advances, wherever you lay your hat that’s your office. So, how about coworking in the Canaries? Here are four good reasons why you should:

  • The weather: The Canary Islands are subtropical. They’re over 1,000km from the Spanish mainland but under 100km from the African continent. Yes, they’re Mother Africa’s nearest and dearest. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is the city with the second most favourable climate worldwide. You can dress in a T-shirt by day and then go out at night in said workwear.
  • The cost of living: They say that if you ever move out of London, you’ve priced yourself out of a return. That’s not a phenomenon which exists in the Canaries. Buses are super cheap, especially if you invest in a bono which sees your tickets slashed by nearly half. In Canarian cities, individual bus journeys anywhere in the metropolis cost around the 1,40€-mark but if you buy a 10-journey pass, these can go as low as 80 cents. You can get a decent one-bedroom flat for 400€ a month.
  • Health: Canarians spend most of their time outdoors. Athletes from northern European countries visit the Canary Islands for warm-weather training. It’s easier to get fit than get fat. There are fewer cars and therefore lower levels of pollution. The words Canary Islands have been written on doctors’ prescriptions since the 19th century, to treat everything from emphysema to psoriasis.
  • Escape: The Canary Islands are a short-haul paradise. Islands of white sand you don’t have to spend half a day on a plane reaching. But to the Greeks, they were considered the end of the world. For it’s here, as legend has it, that Hercules had to perform one of his 12 labours. Fetching the golden apples guarded by those daughters of evening, Hesperides.

by Matthew Hirtes, Mr Gran Canaria Local