The Best Siesta Spots in our Las Palmas Neighbourhood

By 25 junio, 2019Blog

Las Palmas goes hand in hand with taking time to lay back and relax, and here are some of our favourite places to do so, be it over a cup of coffee, brunch, or home-made French fries.

There is just something in the air when you live on an island, much more so a Spanish one. Whether it’s the balmy weather, sunshine, ocean breeze, or the attitude of the people, it all comes together to create a sense of ease and calm. Rushing around with a takeaway morning cup of Jo simply isn’t what happens here, and we like to embrace the laid-back lifestyle by taking long breaks at beachfront cafes, enjoy dinners with friends in beautifully designed spaces, or simply enjoying good company and nice food for hours on end. There are a few spots in the city which never fail to cater to the slow pace of eating and drinking, and most of our community ends up there together at some point or another. Here is where you can find us:

The Couple

If you are looking for the best located café in the city, The Couple is it. Situated right on the beach promenade, it has front row views to the beach, a gentle breeze, and is the ultimate place for people watching. Inside, you can find comfortable couches for catching up with friends or a book, as well as plenty of tables for some quick work. They serve day-long brunches, but the true gem of the place are the artisanal cakes, baked according to the recipes of the owner’s Italian family bakery. You will feel spoilt in no time.


If a community get-together is getting planned, chances are, it’s in Malasaña. One of our favourite spots in the city and the Canteras area, the expansive restaurant/bar is one of the very few spots to fit a larger amount of people. It’s perfect for parties, and the diversity of the craft beer menu never fails to impress us. You can be sipping on some local Canarian beer while munching on tasty home-made French fries, and all this in a beautifully designed industrial place with very comfortable leather couches to boot.


Just a minute away from Malasaña is one of the most popular café establishments around. Roka is a nice little place, with single tables for people who come to work, as well as outside seating for people who come to chat with friends or coleagues during their lunch break. It is usually pretty packed with locals and nomads alike, and it’s a great mix of the Spanish and the international. The coffee is good, and the interior more modern than in most places you will find.


Bioloco is a vegan eatery right next to the beach, which has grown very popular even with hard core meat eaters. Their vegan burgers will fill your belly for the whole day, and you can enjoy some very tasty smoothies and cakes as well. The place tends to get busy on weekends, with birthday parties happening in every corner, so if you are wondering where to hold yours, look no further.

Café Regina

A coffee house with arguably the best coffee in town, Regina might not have stellar views, but if you are a coffee connoisseur, you will enjoy their freshly ground beans, the smell of which spreads to every corner of the interior. With a good selection of food, loads of seating, be it for work, afterwork caffeine fix, or a late night catch up with friends, Regina is mostly frequented by locals, so for a more authentic local vibe, come here.