REBOOT ACADEMY- More than a Coding Camp

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Welcome to the world of the unique concept of REBOOT ACADEMY, a three month coding camp that is so much more than just that.

As one of our community members at Coworking C, Fer Martin advocates for the future of learning and work in the best way. He is the creator of REBOOT ACADEMY, which will be taking place in Las Palmas soon, so we took some time to speak to him about his idea, the benefits of the course, and what the ACADEMY stands for.


Hi Fer, let’s begin by telling people what the REBOOT ACADEMY is?

Reboot Academy offers a 3-month program that integrates 4 different modules: Technology, Business, Design & Health into one cohesive transformative learning experience. We don’t just teach code. We ensure you will be the best version of yourself by the end of the program.

Who is the REBOOT ACADEMY for?

  • Anyone looking to kickstart a career as a professional web developer in the best way possible. Our students range from:
    young people who want to enter an exciting new industry without expending 4+ years in university courses
  • IT professionals or Designers who want to recycle their skills
  • people with no prior experience in technology (bartenders, hospitality or even house wives!) who have an interest in technology and want to get their first job in a high paying industry
  • managers/directors who want to get a deep understanding of technology in order to lead technology companies into the future

What can people expect during the course?

The course lasts for 3 months and is divided into 4 blocks of 3-weeks. Each block has:
2 weeks of classes to get acquainted with different topics in technology/design & coding labs + workshops to really learn the materials by doing with your own hands
1 week for student projects, where they will have to ideate, design & code a full-stack web applications
The last project lasts 2 weeks and is meant to be presented in front of hiring companies who are ready to hire fresh talent.
There is also fitness training every single morning of the course, with 3 days a week movement training and 2 days of yoga & meditation. The fitness training kicks off assuming students are sedentary and helps the progress towards being fully functional humans.

What are the expectations for people after completing the course?

The most straightforward value is that we help people to get a paying job after the course. We have a network of companies looking for talent with the skills we give them, so it’s a perfect match for both.
Students will be prepared to create digital products as web developers in teams around the world, with a solid understanding of the newest technologies, tools & development processes. Reboot Academy teaches the most demanded languages, framework, libraries and tooling available.

They will have good grasp on the design process, ranging from the innovation design led by Design Thinking process, to the creation of usable, beautiful & intuitive interfaces in any kind of digital product.
Students will gain perspective on business as well, being able to create their own companies or add more value to the companies they work for, by understanding the role of business model analysis, lean startup or digital marketing.

One key thing that students take also after the course is the ability to “Learn How to Learn”. In the bootcamp they are constantly acquiring new knowledge in different areas, so their brains must adapt to quickly internalize the knowledge and retain it. They also become very confident in learning new things after the course, which is a great value for the lives thereafter.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you end up organising this project?

I started coding when I was 7 years old. What started as a fun hobby turned gradually into a profession that allowed me to work for amazing companies, travel the world and help build digital products that help people around the world.

My career has been focused in Technology, holding various positions ranging from Developer, Researcher, Project Manager, Sales, Consultant and several times Chief Technology Officer for different companies around the world.
In 2015 I was hired as lead web development instructor by General Assembly in Hong Kong. I in the course of 2 years I taught multiple editions of WDI, a 3-month Coding Bootcamp. I managed to get hundred of students from zero to working in a job, which was extremely rewarding personally.

In 2017 I started working as Global Head of Education for Ironhack, a coding bootcamp in Madrid. I help them grow from 1 city to 12 countries, reinvent their web development curriculum and launched successfully a UX/UI Bootcamp worldwide. Also implemented new processes for better managing the classroom experience, hired & trained teachers, etc.

In 2019 I decided to bring all those experiences to the Canary Islands and this time, will do it with my own vision of how education should be and what a bootcamp could offer to students at its maximum potential. I believe that a bootcamp is not just about coding, is a unique opportunity to help students break from everything they know and put them on track to make the world a little better.

Why Las Palmas?

Las Palmas is becoming the center of remote-work, nomad lifestyle and digital technology relocation for many companies. It has good tax incentives, amazing weather all year long, high-speed internet, affordable housing and a growing community of tech companies who are setting base in paradise.

Las Palmas also has a tremendous pool of untapped talent that has the potential to work in these kind of companies but the education system here is not adjusted to this reality yet. Therefore for us is a great opportunity to help them become job-ready and work for the most exciting projects on the planet, without sacrificing quality of life!

In what ways are coding camps special to you? Where do you see their strengths?

I think bootcamps are the kind of education all of us dream about when we studied. Imagine:

  • Updated practical content that is demanded by companies today
  • Energetic classmates working hard everyday to learn more and more
  • Teachers with real experience and a passion to help you grow
  • Network of like-minded people that you can connect with
  • Fun experience… it’s like a kids summer camp for adults

Where do you see the future of learning to code?

The near future, 5-10 years, is not going to look very different than what I propose with Reboot Academy I believe: very practical, focused on getting students ready to work without the “interesting but not relevant content”, immersive and truly transformational.

I think advances in AI in the next decade, especially in the area of Knowledge Spaces, will allow to create a personalized learning platform that will suit individual students by creating their own optimized learning path for life-long learning.

Also, I think learning how to code will become basic for alphabetization for kids soon, like learning another language or how to read in school. All kids should learn how to code and foster the power of technology, those who don’t in the future will be like the ones who can’t read in our generation.


Thank you Fer for your time, and for everyone interested in joining Reboot Acedemy, head over to their website for even more info!