The Productivity Chat- Elena Castellano

By 28 junio, 2019Blog

This is where we speak to our co-workers about their ways of staying productive and efficient, sharing tips, ideas, and common struggles. First up is our own Elena Castellano.

 ¡Hola! My name is Elena and I live in the Canary Islands. Sometimes I feel like ‘aplatanada’, which means lazy or inactive, because of the warm weather. I’m an entrepreneur in the field of tourism and I run a fun company called HandyVisits. We organize cultural and gastronomic activities for tourists and locals. I love agendas, notebooks and all kind of tools about organisation. I think that my productivity levels increase when I have things written on my agenda. I hope my answers can help you see that even though some of us might struggle with staying productive, it’s always the most important thing to listen to yourself.

What does productivity mean to you?

Productivity for me means to mark at least 3 things for the day off my agenda. It’s stressful to check that you need up to 10 things to complete for the day.

Do you feel like you are the most productive you could be? How do you approach productivity for yourself?

I could improve my productivity levels. Sometimes I spend too much time on social media or I don’t structure well the goals of the week, deadlines, etc. Also I think that a good strategy for getting your work done is to set the length of the task.

What is the most common barrier to staying productive for you?

Probably the social media and even more if you work/earn money with it. The environment where you are working also counts a lot. That’s why I consider the co-working spaces ideal to improve the levels of productivity.

Can you share with us your productivity tips or rituals you might have?

Once, I tried the Pomodoro tool, which consists in working 25 min without stopping, then 5 min break and start again. On the other hand, it is important to set time for hobbies and social meetups. Sometimes freelancers don’t have a schedule because they work as many hours as they need.

Who is your productivity idol if you had to pick one?

My dad probably. He doesn’t use social media, just Whatsapp for short communications. I also have in mind some influencers that I follow on Instagram, but I don’t know what is happening behind the scenes.

What never fails to get you out of a work slump?

I try to listen to my body. Sometimes I feel I have lack of sleep, or that I haven’t eaten for a couple of hours, or I need an outdoor activity to come back with inspiration.


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