Our Community

Our Community is certainly our biggest asset. An international group of like minded, highly skilled individuals, that at least share in common the fact that they spent some time with us. Many of them are now great friends and even business partners and that means that we are doing a good job building up a great community.

Nacho Rodríguez

CEO in CwC

Nacho leads a shared office space in Las Palmas called CoworkingC, where he connects international and local entrepreneurs, generating new opportunities for the local talents and for visitors.


Michael Herrmann


Born in Vienna, educated at Oxford. I like programming, whitewater kayaking and math. My personal home page is herrmann.io. I build businesses that generate passive income. My latest project is fman.io, a file manager for power users.

Jonathan Dizdarevic

Jonathan Dizdarevic

Co-Founder & Lead Developer at Tunnello

I’m a Lead Developer. Working on few projects about Cryptocurrencies & network/security. We help the people, to unblock and secure their web browsing.


Laura León

Certified Spanish Teacher & Translator

Passionate Language Teacher, 30 y.o. Local from Gran Canaria. I love riding, photography and learning languages. I give private & semiprivate Spanish lessons to Digital Nomads, ERASMUS and Expats in Las Palmas, and I would love to start my own business related to Teaching and Languages.

Rory OKeeffe

Developer & Writer

Proud pelirojo from Ireland. Loves writing - both code and words. Blogging at roryokeeffe.com, technical side of groupvite.io and moposa.com, and now pitching in at quaderno.io also, right here in LPA!

Seph Fontane Pennock

Online Marketeer

Passionate about high quality online content in both free and paid form and the marketing thereof. Positive psychology is my passion and main niche. Currently working on scaling my online marketing consultancy company in the Netherlands by switching from services to information products and always working on growing my baby, Positive Psychology Program.

Jerome Knoot

Online Entrepreneur

We serve over 60.000 Dutch visitors a month with high quality content about marketing strategy and SEO. Our business model consists of a monthly or yearly subscription to create a marketing plan smooth and easy. Feel free to contact me!

Rubén Mahugo

CEO in Ingravity

After close my first startup as CMO, now I have my business goal on Ingravity and SumandoTiempo. Ingravity is a Online Marketing Agency focused on Startups. I’m passionate of small companies/projects that need to experiment on diferents channels without resources and I love discovery new tools for Online Marketing. SumanTiempo is my travelling blog project where I do my own experiments of Online Marketing.

Virginia Borges

Experta en Marketing Rentable

Experta en el Marketing Rentable, autora del libro "NO gastes en Marketing", formadora y conferenciante. Directora y fundadora de la empresa Método marketing, donde ofrecemos productos para todo tipo de negocios, desde Estudios de mercado y Auditorías de marketing para clientes con experiencia y recorrido hasta productos específicos para las empresas más pequeñas y emprendedores.

Daniel Kraus

Software Developer

Since 2012 I'm working as a software developer for my company Scandio GmbH in Germany, but was lucky enough to spend some time traveling Spain and working from remote. I mainly work on business web applications written in Java - both front and back end side. Since I'm also a trained system administrator I also work on topics like Docker, AWS, CI/CD

Lukáš Petr

Independent iOS developer

Passionate about building high-quality and easy to use iOS apps. Currently, I am crafting and finishing up Timelines - a great tool for freelancers to track and visualize time.

Antonio Guadalupi

Marketing Profesional

I’m a marketing professional with years of experience in marketing strategy and planning and today I'm a half time marketer and half time father.

Enrique Torres

Profesional especializado en la gestión económica y técnica en empresas del sector industrial y de la construcción.

Responsabilidad directa en la planificación, aplicación y seguimiento de estrategias comerciales, realización y control de proyectos, dirección de departamentos técnicos, comerciales y de producción. Control de resultados, desviaciones y toma de medidas correctoras.
Capacidad analítica, de gestión y de negociación, así como orientación a resultados.

Octavio Suárez

Profesional CEO

Professional CEO with proven ability to increase market share and profits in startups. Expert in technolgy for education sector with 19 years of experience in tech business from several points of views as investor, mentor, fouder, etc.

Kevin Lion

CEO In Media Veritas

CEO of InMediaVeritas. We help you to automate your SEO tasks.

Carlos Jonay Suárez

Manager of Digital Projects on CJSS

working and managing digital projects currently under my own brand: CJSS (http://www.carlosjonayss.com), managing web projects in Dymweb (www.dymweb.com) and communicating through various media and blogs.

Sergei Droganov

Designer, developer, entrepreneur.

work as self-employed developer to make a living for me and family and to fund my venture sdelkino.com

José Mendoza

CEO y Diseñador Gráfico en UNDONDIN

Durante los últimos 22 años me he dedicado profesionalmente al sector de la infografía y el diseño gráfico, primero por cuenta ajena en diferentes medios de comunicación en el ámbito de Canarias y, durante los últimos 5 años, en mi propia agencia de marketing y comunicación Undondin.

Joel León

Joel León

CEO in Bukia and Be The Light Publicidad

Soy un profesional con más de 15 años de experiencia dando servicios y soluciones en comunicación a grandes compañías. He trabajado para empresas como Diageo, Jti, Compañía Cervecera de Canarias, Bodegas Torres o Ahemón. Entre las muchas marcas con las que he colaborado podemos destacar Pepsi, Schweppes, Winston, B&H, Camel, Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, Baileys, J&B, Haig.

Anne Marie Jackson


I am a literary translator and editor, as well as a nomad. Translate novels, stories, poetry, articles from Russian into English. I also edit a huge variety of texts.

Bogdan Ivanov

Software Engineer

I do freelance AI and Natural Language Processing development. I also write on nlpforhackers.io, a blog about simple and effective natural language processing. I'm hoping that soon, I'll bundle the tutorials on the blog into a book.

Bryan Mayor

Google-searcher A.K.A.

I'm a professional Google-searcher A.K.A. a software developer. I work mostly with PHP, Python and Java. I'm passionate about automating processes and getting data where it needs to go. My focus is on small business systems including logistics, reporting, data acquisition and API connectivity.

Emma McGurk

Marketer Specialising in Marketing Strategy

I'm from London and love brunches, chocolate and recipe books. I'm a freelance Marketer specialising in Marketing Strategy, SEO and social media and I work mostly with clients via Upwork. I am currently travelling the world with my fiance - trying out lots of co-working spaces and enjoying the sun.

Ioana Grigoropol

Backend Engineer

Backend engineer with a special focus on Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence. Currently, I'm working on a research project involving the state of the art mechanisms for developing intelligent assistants.

Jennifer Lachs

CEO Digital Nomad Girls

I am originally from Munich but have been travelling and living in different countries for the last few years. I have a science background and I started working as a digital nomad a year ago to keep travelling indefinitely.I work as a freelance writer, translator and social media manager for different clients. I am also the founder of Digital Nomad Girls, an online community for location independent women around the world. We organise online and in-person meetups in different cities and recently held our first girls-only retreat. I love meeting and connecting people and am working on DNG during my time in Las Palmas.

Massimiliano Sartoretto


I'm a 25er engineer from Venice, passionate about web, tech and people. I enjoy my days working with JavaScript, both on client and server side. Open source contributor, Angular speaker and lifelong learner.

Niall Doherty

Freelance Web Designer

Niall Doherty quit his last “real job” in 2010 and has been a digital nomad ever since. He spent 44 months traveling through 37 countries without flying, and is now spending the winter in Tenerife. In his talk, Niall will share key lessons learned while building and running a freelance business from the road, and teaching 200 aspiring digital nomads how to do the same.

Nicolò Bonsignori

Share a Healthy Lifestyle

Hi I'm Niky (Nicolò), I'm from Italy but I live in Las Palmas since 2012. I speak perfectly Italian and Spanish, English worse as you can read. I don't have any job, my job is freedom, my business is to share a healthy lifestyle and let people build an automatic and recurring income with social media. And it works.

Ondřej Vymětalík

Freelancer in Marketing

I am big enthusiastic about motorcycles, so thats why I travel on my motorcycle down here to Gran Canaria.I love travels, coffee, exploring new places, photography, video production, sport in general, food and red wine.Currently I work as a freelancer in marketing & sales for motorcycles factories. I do also work as motorcycle mechanic during races in Spain and Europe. I am going to start a new business in Canary Islands to rent a motorcycles, provide tours and expedition around islands for clients from all over the world. Canary Islands are perfect place for all year riding right!

Sarah Funck

Travel photographer

My name is Sarah Funk. I am a travel photographer and writer who runs a site called SarahFunky.com on adventure travel and unique things to do around the world.I am currently traveling the world for a full year with my boyfriend Luis. The first three months will be spent in South America. Exploring Buenos Aires, Argentina; Florianópolis, Brazil; and Lima, Peru. Next comes Europe, where I’ll tell the stories of Las Palmas, Spain; Lisbon, Portugal; Stockholm, Sweden; Prague, Czech Republic; and Limassol, Cyprus. Last comes Asia, where I’ll be living in Seoul, South Korea; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Chiang Mai, Thailand; and Bali, Indonesia.

Sam Priestley

Serial Entrepreneur

Hmm, how to introduce myself… well my name is Sam Priestley and I spend my time trying to start businesses, learning new skills and travelling the world. I write about whatever I am up to on my blog. My writing has been read 3.1 million times on Quora and I have been watched 5.5 million times on YouTube. I have multiple successful lifestyle businesses including: a table tennis brand, a coffee shop, a blog, a couple of books, a consultancy and a small property portfolio.

Sigbjørn Hovda

CEO High Yield Communication

I’m the owner of High Yield Communication AS.The company offers marketing and communication services, including translation, transcreation, copywriting, linguistic review and LQA. Our areas of expertise are finance, marketing, and IT. Regular clients include a number of Fortune 500 companies, including some of the most admired brands of Silicon Valley.


Judith Hernández Alejandro

Consulting Advisor

Hola, my name is Judith Hernandez and I work as a Business Consultant, specializing in Fiscal, Labour, Accounting and Legal.
I always take a very personalized approach tailored to each of my clients.
Lately I´ve been focusing on helping out foreigners get their documentation to settle in the Canary Islands, such as the NIE, Canarian residency, self-employment registration, Company registration, finding accommodation dealing with Spanish banks – as I am an agent for one of the most prestigious one, - and any other needs they might have to set up their businesses and new lives in the Canary Islands.
If you´re ready to settle here, feel free to get in touch and we´ll talk about how to sort everything out.

Joe Sharp

CEO coworking space in Sagres, Portugal.

He loved the lifestyle so much that he left his job in London and stayed permanently working freelance as a marketing consultant. He's now an ASI qualified surf instructor who teaches in the summer and really enjoys helping other freelancers, start ups and established companies with their marketing through his agency BitbyBit. Joe is more than happy to chat to or collaborate with you on any questions you might have with marketing and looks forward to saying hello and showing you Sagres.

Damien Le Thiec

full stack developer freelance

Born in France, I learnt to code after my studies in a business school. I am now a freelance web developer, teacher at Le Wagon (lewagon.com). At the same time I am travelling as a digital nomad and working on my own projects

Delia Monk

Travel Consultant

Originally from the UK, I've been working and living abroad for four years now... I'm shamelessly chasing the sun!

Niel Sisson

Digital Nomad, Digital Entrepreneur, SEO and Writer.

Mostly I dance with Google (SEO) whilst writing and building online businesses

Diedrik D' Alers

Strategist, Marketer & Trader

I'm a business partner with one of the top personal performance coaches in the world who has helped tens of thousands develop a mindset for success in life and business. I also trade the financial markets and started (and sold) several online businesses. I love weightlifting, martial arts, sunshine, beaches and a healthy lifestyle. Because I wanted to learn Spanish, live a more outdoor lifestyle (surfing, scuba diving, hiking) and meet interesting new people I decided to move to Las Palmas and see what it's like living here.

Ruben Vrinzen

European entrepreneur with a big love for Retail, eCommerce and Marketplaces.

Currently helping a start-up grow, while building new online initiatives.

Marianna Kenesy

Slicing code at HexAgile

Every woman loves gems. I am no exception: my favorite programming language is Ruby. I am also fascinated by data science, big data, artificial intelligence and related subjects - therefore getting immersed into the world of Python.
Besides programming, I have worn many hats in my career: writer, researcher and even marketer.
I love traveling and always up for new challenges. For the past three years, I’ve been constantly on the road with my husband and two daughters, visiting all five continents and 60+ countries.
Currently, I am slicing code at http://hexagile.com. Reach out if you want to talk about technology, traveling or WDC.

Peter Szinek

Coding (Data Extraction, Data Science, Web), Social Media, Writing

I'm a software engineer with a wide range of experience in various topics and languages (preferably Python/Ruby) I'm also a digital nomad - love traveling and meeting new people on the road. Currently staying in Las Palmas

Gawin and Brenda

Nomad Family

Gawin previously CTO at Phonebloks, Google Ara and Archive.org, and Brenda, coach at 123Coach, previously Rabobank, ditched their 9-to-5 jobs to spend more time with their daughter while traveling the world. Together they founded Nomad Family: a community of like-minded families exploring and sharing experiences.

Jeneane Dunlap

Digital Artist and Designer. Digital Nomad and poet

Web Design for a women run company. Digital art in my free time!