Introducing the Productivity Series- How to Become and Stay Efficient

By 10 junio, 2019junio 11th, 2019Blog

A new blog series talking to real people, and experts, about productivity, time management, and saving enough time to play.

When it comes to being productive, the new age of remote workers, nomads, and entrepreneurs are faring off better than their 9 to 5 peers. Why you ask? The answer is simple- the work/life balance is shifting, and it is towards more quality time spent doing things efficiently, rather than lagging off just to fill in the 8 hour work day. With unprecedented freedom to work from anywhere, travel, be with friends and family, and just enjoy the perks of life, people are consciously starting to redesign their work habits to fit a more sustainable, and happy, lifestyle. The gruelling and oftentimes unnecessary structure of our work system is slowly being re-examined by pioneers who are willing to take their professional life into their own hands and mould it to how they envision their life to be, and feel.

Remote work, freelancing, or running a business do not mean 2 hour work days, far from it, but what they do carry with them is a greater freedom of choosing when, and how, to work. Consider for example a 16 hour shift that might be needed for you complete an assignment or launch that product. The work will need to be put in, but it is your choice whether to do it at the crack of dawn with a little surfing break in the middle, or in the middle of the night after a full day of hiking in the mountains or hanging out with friends. The flexibility offered by going remote is revolutionary, and it allows people to create and adapt careers to the rest of their lives, not the other way around.

With that said however, this kind of freedom can sometimes lead to procrastination or failing of time management, which once not superimposed on a person, seems to be out of whack simply because it was never encouraged to develop naturally. Productivity is a big word in the new work environment scene, and not for nothing. Everything you do, or want to do, will always come down to the amount of time you have to do it. So you better use your time wisely.

At Coworking C, we are proud of our busy bees, but we also encourage people to enjoy themselves, crack a beer, have a barbecue with us, or go discover the Gran Canaria nature. It’s all about the healthy Spanish way of life. The people that come through our doors are digital nomads, remote workers, entrepreneurs, and everything else in between you can imagine. They have careers in IT, graphic design, they own companies, make You Tube videos, draw, run retreats, teach languages, but most of all, they are all here because they saw the glitch in the system and they went out to try and fix it. In 2019, with the technological revolution well underway, we hardly need more than a computer for a big percentage of the jobs out there. But in order to prove to our employers, and to us, that we can still get things done, we need to go out of our way to design better working models that would make this possible.

The way to do this needs to take into account our personal preferences, our circadian rhythms, our desired lifestyles, but it also needs to be based on top of a solid baseline of personal rules and rituals. Simply put, we need to find a way to make ourselves the most efficient, not the most worked, and we need to do it on a personal basis, which requires a lot of hit and miss. Too much freedom can be overwhelming sometimes, but it is up to us to prove we can not only handle the freedom, but thrive in it as well. This is why we are launching our Productivity Series on the blog, where we will bring you tips from experts and interviews with real people about their time management strategies, all to help you become the best, and most productive, version of your professional self. Stay tuned for the first instalment of the series soon!

We hope to involve as many of you, so if you have a productivity strategy you are proud of, or a ritual you want to share, or just question which you would like to ask an expert, get in touch with us and join the conversation.  Shoot us an e-mail at with the headline I AM PRODUCTIVE, and you are in!