How to Have a Canarian Food Day in Las Palmas

By 4 julio, 2019julio 12th, 2019Blog

The best way to discover a new culture and a new place is to eat your way through it. Here’s how to do that in our headquarter city- Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

You might be wondering if and how the Canarian culture differs from the Spanish one, and the answer is quite nuanced. Gran Canaria is, after all, a part of Spain and indeed very Spanish, but it has also retained enough of its indigenous Canarian traditions, as well as blending them with a good dose of South American influences. So how to have a truly Canarian culinary experience when you get to the island? Let us guide you on a little food tour through your day.

Guilty Breakfast Pleasure

Nothing is more Spanish that starting your day with bits of fried dough. You might be used to eating  some oatmeal, fruits, or the full English, but to begin the Canarian food tour the right way, you have to skip all that and have yourselves some good old greasy churros. Much like in mainland Spain, you can find these little nuggets of deep fried gold in the so called Churrerias, which are small old school establishments dotted around street corners, inviting young and old to come enjoy a few churros with a side of thick melted chocolate. If you have a sweet tooth, you might develop an addiction to this breakfast fast.

Bocadillo on a coffee break

Bocadillos, or sandwiches, are a big part of the food culture here. If the idea of a sandwich as a traditional lunch doesn’t really inspire, think again. What you will get in a proper Canarian cafeteria is freshly baked bread, local Canarian cheese, ham cut right in front of you, or home-made tortilla. You can ask for whatever suits your appetite, but we recommend going for whatever the locals around you are having. As for a proper lunch break, finish it off with a strong coffee or even better, the very local leche y leche, which is essentially a coffee dessert in a cup, made up of coffee, milk, and condensed milk.

Flaming Chorizo Time

When the time comes for dinner, you simply can’t get more Canarian than Pachichi. The popular eatery boasts an interior which will take you back at least a hundred years, and with a super simple menu of tapas dishes to share with friends, this place simply never fails to be as traditional as it gets. The best way to go about dinner here is to order everything from the menu, but if you are not up to that challenge, get the Papas Arrugadas with Mojo sauce, plate of cheeses, hams, balsamico tomatoes, and of course, the famous flaming chorizo. We won’t reveal more, as it is simply something you must witness for yourselves.

Beach Time Wine

If you are in Las Palmas and you don’t make use of the Las Canteras beach for a picnic, you haven’t yet experienced what it means to be living the Canarian life. The beach is a stunning setting for sunset dinners, but also for after-dinner drinks, so bring some local wine and sip it to the sound of the gentle waves. There are plenty of wineries on the islands, so just ask around for tips on which ones and where to get them and enjoy the end to your Canarian food day!