What is it like to work at CoworkingC?

Our office has the advantages of a small shared space, with a large community behind it. The athmosphere is laid bak, islander style. There are no strict rules, and the space is self managed.

What kind of people work there?

At CwC  you will find freelancers, employees that work remotely, entrepreneurs, some startups and sometimes teams on workations or retreats.  Engineers, Marketers, Photographers, Publicists, Developers, a great variety of like minded people work here

Will I get to know some locals at CwC?

One of our priorities is to achieve a balance between locals and international visitors. We believe this is the way to make our space sustainable and create value for both temporary visitors and permament coworkers.  We don´t want you to feel like a foreigner in the island we call home.

How long should I stay and work remotely in Las Palmas?

We encourage our visitors to travel slowly. The mínimum recomended stay is one month, but our experience tells us that after 3 months people really feel integrated and have time to work and experience what the Island has to offer, which is a lot.  Some of our members stay 6 months and have a hard time leaving the island afterwards. Normally people who visit us for a week or two, come back a month later for a longer stay.

How do I get to know the rest of the coworkers ?

Our space can only host up to 24 people, so new visitors get easity integrated in our community. Almost everyday, a group of us goes for lunchg or dinner together. At least once a month we organize an event in our space. Every thursday Tapas Night is a great afterwork meetup that many of us attend recurrently.  Coffee breaks are great to catch up with the rest of the community and talk about Projects, what to do , or meet up to go surfing together.

How do I know what is happening at all times?

We have a private group in Facebook and Slack to share information and propose new events / meetups. We encourage everyone to participate and propose plans or ideas or meetups. Local members are always available to help with any questions or recomendations.

I like your workspace, but what about acommodation?

Finding accomodation in Las Palmas specially during the Winter could be difficult.  Short term rentals are not easy to find and Airbnb tends to be an expensive alternative for a monthly stay. We recently inaugurated a CoLiving Flat near the office that can host up to 6 people,  to make live easier to our new visitors. We will always try to help you find your best alternative for your stay.

How about transportation, how do I move around the city?

Las Palmas is a great city to bike around, specially if you stay in the lower part of the city. We have a special  monthly plan called work+bike .  We only encourage you to rent a car for weekend tryps around the island. During the week , public transportation, walking, skating, biking are the best option.

What should I bring to the office?

Most of our members just carry their laptops. We have some wide screens available. We also had temporary visitors bring in their 27” IMAC , wich is perfectly fine too. You can leave your stuff securely at the office anytime. Our only concern is that the time you spend at the office is as productive and confortable as it could get.

Can I do conference calls without bothering the rest of coworkers?

We like to work with ambient music that our coworkers choose freely from our Sonos Soundsystem on Spotify. Our members have skype calls often at their own desks, making sure they are not disturbing the rest of the crew. In case you need privacy , we have a meeting room that anyone can book freely on our online calendar , which is acoutically isolated

I work for a company with a different time zone. Can I work late hours?

Of course! Our monthly members have 24/7 access to our office . You will receive a set of keys and a personal Access code to work whenever it´s best for you.

I don´t know Spanish, will I feel lost?

Everyone in our office speaks English ( some better than others). We encourage our visitor to learn Spanish as an added value to your experience in our space and in our Island. We host lessons regularly and fun activities that will help you learn the language easily. We also apply the same policy to local coworkers, since the oficial language of our space in English. At some points you can find 20 coworkers from 10 different countries sharing our space ,  and we love it!

What´s the unlimited surfing about?

We have a partnership with a local SurfClub located in the best part of Las Canteras Beach. The California Sports Center allow our members to use all their surf material ( short boards, long boards, paddle , kayaks, etc ) an unlimited amount of time for a very reasonable montly fee of 40€. They also organize small group lessos if you need to learn the basics before crashing your head against the sand.

I booked my flight , but how do I get there from the airport?

The airport is at a 20min drive from the city. Bus (3€/person)  or Taxi (35€/4people max) . BusLine 60 takes you directly to the main bus station in the city and runs from 6am till 23pm. For more info just drop us an email.

Do I need a VISA to work remotely from Las Palmas?

The Canary Islands are part of the European Union , so the same conditions apply as if you where in any part of Europe. Non-Europeans should check their Visa status prior to their tryp, specially if they are planning on traveling slow.

Can I have my stuff / amazon orders delivered to the Office ?

Yes you may use our delivery address for any of your last purchases on Amazon or to have your SurfBoard delivered . We recommend to check on the customs requirements, since the Canary Islands are a special tax zone, and many packages will get stopped in customs if they don´t travel with the correct documentation.

How do I become member of the CwC community?

All the visitors that spend at least a week with us become members of the CwC community. Being a member will allow you to be in touch with all the community through our private groups, join any of our activities , showcase your profile/company in our web site, and have all the benefits we find along the way.

If you have any more questions , just contact us CONTACT