The Nomad Community DNA

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Have you ever considered the roots and implications of the nomad community and movement? What inspires us to want to be a part of it, and how does it reflect the times we live in? We look at a few ways in which we incline towards it, and why that might be.

Once upon a time, single atoms realised they could fare off much better if they joined forces with fellow single atoms, and complex organisms began to form. The first communities were born. The human story begins with the impulse to organise into a group, be it for higher survival chances, sense of belonging, or increased awareness, and this is sociologically vital to understand. Community building is so deeply engrained in our DNA, that it is no wonder as individual humans, we crave to be a part of something bigger.

Throughout the centuries, as species, we honed in our community building skills, moving from nomadic groups, to agricultural, industrialised, and urbanised societies. While the type and complexity of the group building kept changing, the basic principles and needs of a community remained transferable. Establishing a sense of belonging, creating a functional and helpful structure for its members, and providing safe space for growth are only a few of those.

As a remote worker, nomad, entrepreneur, or someone who aspires to be one, you might not even be aware of the underlying currents that make the nomadic community so attractive and so well set up as a sustainable model of a social group and movement.

The nomad community is all about creating a sense of belonging for modern humans who think globally rather than purely in local terms. The thirst for discovering new places, connecting with people from all over the world, sharing talent, creativity, ideas, and lives, is what drives nomadism today forward. The infinite possibilities of professional and personal exchange, which are not bound to geographical areas, are a perk of the nomad community movement which cannot be undermined.

The nomad community today is unique in that it stretches beyond borders, and exists and communicates virtually, from all over the globe. In a time when travel is the easiest it has ever been, with thousands of people making use of the relatively new found freedom of roaming, communities have to adapt in order to keep providing that much needed sense of belonging which can no longer be confined to a specific geographical area. The solution for this it seems, is building a global network based on shared values of work and play, distributed world widely.

Our programmed DNA set up which strives for cooperation is nowadays extended to finding that cooperation outside of our immediate surroundings, thereby providing a much better chance of finding help, as well as being helpful. Consider the impact you could have made with any type of work you are doing now even just fifty years ago, and consider the limitless reach you have at your fingertips today. This goes both ways. Whether you are a professional looking to offer your services, or a company looking for those services, you now have an extended network of the community to approach and select from. More talent, more learning from each other, higher likelihood of finding the right fit.

The nomad community today is also culturally variable, instead of culturally similar. The increased diversity of the community makes it more creative, more efficient, and more open minded. There is nothing like coming into contact with different cultures when it comes to cultivating a more accepting worldview, which also leads to increased willingness to exchange of out of the box ideas and therefore constantly re-evaluate and update best practices, approaches, and ways of getting things done. All in all, the more exposed to varied information we are, the more our brain tends to be able to pick the best of it and apply it.

The modern day nomadic movement is developing on the basis of our DNA wiring for community, but reflects the times we live in, and as long as we can understand the forces and importance of both, and use them to grow and build a better functioning society as a whole, we are on the right track.


By Manuela Mitevova


Colivings From Around the World

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The new trend in alternative living is in full swing, so we rounded up the best coliving options to help you make a decision about where to next!

The coliving trend isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it is only growing at the most rapid pace, so digital nomads nowadays have wonderful options of colivings, big and small, to choose from anywhere in the world. Whether on mountain tops, small villages on islands, or in bustling cities, the modern housing alternatives invite you to come and share experiences with people on the same path as you. We picked out a few of our favourites to help you navigate the growing scene. Enjoy!


Selina Secret Garden


Lisbon, Portugal

Selina needs no introduction in the digital nomad world. One of the pioneering coliving and nomad lifestyle platforms now has tens of locations around the world, and a following of hundreds of location independent workers. Offering great places to stay in beach cities or jungle locations, Selina is all about the full nomad experience. Their newest coliving addition just opened up in the beautiful seven hill city of Lisbon, boasting wonderfully designed rooms, a swimming pool, and a great location right in the trendiest neighbourhood in the city. You will be close to the nightlife, food markets, the river bank, and surrounded by like-minded people.


Nine Coliving


Tenerife, Spain

Housed in a beautifully restored building from 1852, Nine Coliving brings a ton of character to digital nomad housing. Situated in the historical center of La Orotava, the house soaks up all the Canarian energy, and merges it with modern living standards, to offer coworkers and travellers the best experience possible. You will love the communal spaces such as the rooftop or the garden, and you will get to enjoy proximity to the highest peak in Spain- El Teide. It’s a true island atmosphere, so if you are looking for some R&R while you work away, this might be the place.


Happy Pigeons


Berlin, Germany

Happy Pigeons is a community of nomads forming together in the vibrant metropolis of Berlin. It can be hard finding your tribe in such a big city, but Happy Pigeons make sure you fit right in. Providing stylishly and beautifully designed colivings in two great areas, Happy Pigeons is all about comfort and good vibes. You will come together with all the other colivers during regular events, and you will get to become a part of the extended family. If you love interior design and a wide array of after-work activities, this will hit the spot for you.


Swiss Escape


Grimentz, Switzerland

The first coliving space in Switzerland, situated right in the middle of the lush Alps, simply cannot disappoint. With beautiful nature all around you, you will find a space of calm ease for your work, your creativity will boom, and your friendships will have room to grow. The coliving is comprised of chalets with panoramic views, and centrally located in an old village. You will get to experience the mountain life to the fullest, all the while being take care of and nurtured by the nomad community. Hiking shoes required!


Coliving Canary Islands


Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Gran Canaria is simply a heaven for nomads. Boasting a lively remote worker scene, perfect weather all year round, great nature to enjoy, and wonderful community activities to boot, this is the place you might be looking for if considering a true nomad experience. Coliving Canary Islands provides 3 coliving villas right in the most peaceful area of the city. Surrounded by palm trees, with a close proximity to the beach, the 3 villas- The Roof, The Mansion, and The Pool, are unique experiences catering to all the nomad needs. With large rooftop spaces, pool areas, coworking options, grill stations, and much more, Coliving Gran Canaria brings together people from all over the world to join in the celebration of the easy island life.

The marvels of Maspalomas

The marvels of Maspalomas

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Gran Canaria earned its rightful title of being one of Canary Islands beach resort paradise, thanks to its famous beaches, Playa del Ingles and Playa de Maspalomas. Constituting the southernmost part of Gran Canaria, the holiday resort of Maspalomas in Las Palmas boasts of its golden beaches and wonderful sand dunes. Since the 1960s, the coastal area where the Maspalomas Lighthouse is erected has constantly undergoing development and expansion, therefore making the beaches of Maspalomas one of the best place to stay in Gran Canaria and best beach resorts on the island. Read More

Why remote workers flock to Las Palmas in September

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Nomad City 2017: premier event for location independent professionals

Imagine a booming city with arguably Europe’s best urban beach. Imagine hundreds of digital nomads getting together to brainstorm, to network, to surf, hike, and generally have fun. This is what Nomad City is like, and you are invited. So follow the warm weather and book your budget flight to Gran Canaria! Read More

Meet Max Keeling

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Las Palmas is one of Europe’s digital nomad hubs, and CoworkingC is arguably the city’s most popular coworking space for traveling entrepreneurs. This means that some interesting characters pass through our office. One of them was Max Keeling, who was working hard on a lifestyle business that might someday turn over seven figures. Let’s see what makes Max tick… Read More

Meet Nomad Family

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Brenda and Gawin are not your typical single, twenty-something digital nomads. They said goodbye to the rat race in the Netherlands and travel the world with their 2-year-old daughter, inspiring other nomad families to follow in their footsteps.

In this interview, Gawin and Brenda tell us what makes traveling with a toddler different (and sometimes challenging), what they do for a living, how much they enjoy their time on Gran Canaria, and what their life philosophy is. Read More

Interview Niall Doherty in Coworking C

Interview with Niall Doherty

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I remember meeting Niall Doherty in digital nomad hotspot Chiang Mai, back in 2013. We were a bunch of nomads standing around in a bar, when one of us asked what Niall did for a living.

“I work on a cruise ship,” he said. “As a stripper.”

Whether he did a little dance to reinforce this statement, I don’t remember. But his answer to the inevitable what-do-you-do-question at that nomad meetup definitely brought some color to the procession of coders, travel bloggers, SEO specialists

Four years later we cross paths in the Canary Islands, in what is quickly becoming the European digital nomad hub: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.   Read More



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David Macías is a successful entrepreneur who runs an online business based in the Canary Islands. VideoLean – a great online platform that helps you build your own professional videos – currently has more than 240k users around the world. This guest post was originally written in Spanish (“Malditos Nómadas”). At CoworkingC , we feel completely identified , with David´s Love&Hate relationship with Digital Nomads and this is why we share the english version of his original post. When you meet really interesting people that make a positive change in your life, you feel like you want to retain them. This is the kind of feeling that David had when Tim left, after spending 2 years in Gran Canaria of what should had been a 2 week visit. Enjoy the reading.

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